The Mail System has been added in order to strengthen the player community and to increase the convenience of item trade. Through the Mail System, messages as well as items can be easily sent to other players.

There are two types of mail: Regular and Payment Request.

  • Regular mail allows players to send a message to other players with or without an attached item. Once the mail is sent, it can be checked by the recipient from the mail icon that appears on their screen. The cost for this type of mail is assumed by the player sending the mail.
  • Payment Request (also known as C.O.D) mail contains an attached item, and in order to retrieve the item the recipient needs to return the requested amount of Adena to the sender.

Sending Mail

  • You can access your mailbox by clicking the mail icon at the top of the system menu (Alt + X) or by typing /mailbox in your chat window.
  • A maximum of 8 items can be attached to each message and postage will increase depending on the weight of the attached items.
  • Sending and receiving mail is only available in a peace zone.
  • Mail will arrive at the recipient after 30 seconds.
  • Sent mail can be cancelled if the recipient has not yet opened the mail, if the mail has yet to be delivered, or if an attached item has not been claimed.
  • You must click on the Mail Type dropdown box in order to send COD mail.
  • The COD sender will receive the requested amount of adena directly in their inventory once the recipient hits the pay button. This happens almost instantly.

Receiving Mail

  • The mail icon will appear when you have new mail and you can click this icon to check your newly received mail. The mail icon appears just above your chat window.
  • An attached item cannot be claimed when you do not have enough available inventory slots or when receiving those items would cause your weight gauge to exceed 100%. Clicking on the pay button will allow you to claim the item sent to you. Once you click this button, the corresponding amount of adena disappears from your inventory.

Returning and Deleting Mail

  • Regular mail without an attached item cannot be returned. This type of mail can only be received or deleted. You must open the mail first before it can be deleted.
  • Mail with an attached item can be returned or received, but it cannot be deleted.
  • Unchecked mail will automatically be returned after 15 days. Please note that mail without an attached item will be automatically deleted, not returned.
  • Unchecked returned mail will be automatically deleted and the item will be transferred to the private warehouse after 15 days. Payment Requests will be automatically returned if not accepted within 12 hours.


  • The freight system has been replaced by the new Mail system. Items stored in the freight warehouse can be retrieved in the private warehouse.

Territory War Changes

Different from clan-centric castle sieges, Territory Wars give regular players the ability to affect the dominance of a territory by participating in battles disguised as a mercenary. Participating in a Territory War will allow players to purchase new special items useful in PvP, character progression, etc.

Special items are sold by the Territory Manager located in the main city of each territory. Also, S80 territory guard necklace, ring, and earring with special characteristics, and hair accessories have been added.

  • There are new items available through the Territory Manager and Mercenary Captains in each town.
  • The amount of Territory Badges required to purchase an ordinary strider has been lowered from 60 to 50.
Item Type Item Name Description
Giant’s Codex Giant’s Codex – Oblivion Lesser Giant’s Codex. An item required to restore a previous enchantment.
Giant’s Codex – Discipline Lesser Giant’s Codex. An item required to change an enchantment path.
Giant’s Codex – Mastery Lesser Giant’s Codex. An item required for blessed skill enchanting.
Talisman Blue Talisman – Blue Cancel With fixed chance, cancels the buffs of nearby enemies upon use.
Blue Talisman – Buff Steal With fixed chance, steal the target’s buffs upon use.
Red – Talisman – Territory Guard Maximum CP will be increased, and a certain amount of CP will be recovered.
Blue Talisman – Lord’s Divine Protection Decrease damage in PvP.
White Talisman – All Resistance Increases resistance to all elements.
PvP Exclusive Potions Territory Health Recovery Potion Restores HP. Usable by level 61-75 characters on the battlefield only.
Territory Mana Recovery Potion Restores MP. Usable by level 61-75 characters on the battlefield only.
Territory CP Recovery Potion Restores CP. Usable by level 61 – 75 characters on the battlefield only.
Belts Rune Clip Belt Increases recovery rate of HP and MP.
Magic Ornament Belt Increases PvP related abilities.
Item Name Description
Guardian’s Strider Has a higher defense than ordinary striders. Also has special abilities.

With the improvements to the Vanguard stance, the Knight class will be more effective at solo play.

New skills for the Vanguard stance have been added. The Vanguard stance is now more versatile with the new skills being added on top of the 2 special skills by race, which were available in the previous Vanguard stance.

Skill Name Skill Description
Boost Morale When using sword/blunt weapon/dual-swords, increase accuracy by 8, critical rate by 150, and critical damage by 30% for 2 minutes.
Guillotine Attack Attacks the target with fixed amount of power added to P. Atk. Requires two-handed sword/two-handed blunt weapon to be equipped. Ignores shield defense. Over-hit.
Triple Blade Slash Attacks the target with fixed amount of power added to P. Atk. Requires dual-swords to be equipped. Ignores shield defense. Over-hit.

The previous method for enchanting skills has been changed. Players no longer need to seek out specific NPC’s to enchant their skills. A new button has been added to the skills window which will conveniently allow players to enchant their skills almost anywhere and anytime.

  • Experience will no longer be consumed when enchanting a skill.
  • Skill Enchanting now costs adena and SP. The amount of SP consumed for skill enchanting above level 76 has been decreased.

How to enchant skills:

  • The button at the bottom of your skills window will give you access to the Skill Enchanting interface. Once opened, only the skills that are not grayed-out can be enchanted.
  • Drag and drop the skill to be enchanted into the Current Skill slot on the left-hand side of the window. Once in place, available options, cost and other pertinent information will be displayed.
  • All previous enchanting options are available through this interface: Blessed Skill Enchanting, Route Changing, Skill Un-enchanting.
  • Safe Skill Enchant is now known as Blessed Skill Enchant.

A help button can be found at the bottom of the Skill Enchanting window. This feature will give you detailed information about the Skill Enchanting process.

Changes to Skill Enchanting

  • Previously unenchantable skills have been added.
  • For some skills the options and/or effect description have been updated.

There are many areas updated, particularly for kiters. Previous hunting areas have been redesigned in order to address issues surrounding smooth level progression for high level players.


A new hunting area, Delusion Chamber, has been added for players level 80 and above.

Hunting Ground Name Suggested Level Hunting Ground Type Recommended Class
Delusion Chamber 80 and above Instanced Dungeon Party of 4 or more
  • The progression method for the Delusion Chamber is similar to the Dimensional Rift. You can gain access to this area by speaking to the Pathfinder Worker NPC in each town.
  • A minimum of 2 characters are required to enter Delusion Chamber.
  • Players must speak with the Guardian NPC to select a Seal to enter.
  • Each Seal consists of roughly 6 levels, each level lasting anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes.
  • There is a chance that during the last 5 minutes of the instance you will be moved to a final room containing a Raid Boss, Aenkinel.
  • Killing the Raid Boss will drop “Guiding Tea Leaves” which can be used to purchase Dynasty Armor and Accessories from the Guardian NPC.
  • 4 Nihil Invader Treasure Chests will spawn after the Raid Boss is killed. 1 Chest will provide items while the other 3 will not provide anything. You must choose your chest wisely since selecting the incorrect chest will cause the remaining chests to disappear.


Hunting Ground Name Suggested Level Hunting Ground Type Recommended Class Changes Made
Den of Evil 80 and above Outdoors Melee / Solo Mobs in the area have changed from level 35 to level 80+.
Stakato Nest 82 and above Dungeon Party of 4 or more Mobs in the area have changed from level 70 to level 80+/ Mobs are buffed by Raid Boss. Players can steal this buff when Raid Boss is killed.
Fields of Silence / Fields of Whispers 83 and above Outdoors Mage Mobs in the area have changed from level 35 to level 80+.
Forge of the Gods 78 and above Dungeon Wizard Party More spawns in the area and the chance to spawn an additional mob when mobs are killed.
Primeval Isle 83 and above Outdoors Party of 4 or more HP / Defense of Mobs in the area have decreased and now drop Herbs when killed.
Mithril Mines 81 and above Dungeon Archer Mobs in the area have changed from level 20 to level 80+.
Crypts of Disgrace 80 and above Outdoors Melee Party Mobs in the area have changed from level 35 to level 80+.
Giant’s Cave 80 and above Dungeon Melee Party Mobs in the area have changed from level 65 to level 80+.

The Zaken Raid has been redesigned as an Instanced Zone in order to provide more raid opportunities to more players. Players can now choose to fight Daytime Zaken or Nighttime Zaken.

Entry Requirements

Daytime Zaken

  • Between 1 and 3 parties (9 – 27 players) can challenge Daytime Zaken. If only one party is raiding, then it must be a full party of 9 people.
  • When entering with a single party, the party leader can talk to the Pathfinder NPC to gain entry.
  • When entering with 2 or 3 parties, the command channel leader can talk to the Pathfinder NPC to gain entry.

Nighttime Zaken

  • A raid force between 8 and 50 parties (72 – 450 players) can challenge Nighttime Zaken.
  • The raid channel leader can use the Pathfinder Agent to enter.

Progression Method – Daytime Zaken

Each corridor within the ship now contains a barrel with a candle on it. Within the allotted time, players must light the various candles. The candles will give clues to Zaken’s location. A red candle means he is not there. A blue candle means he is close. In the end, there will be 4 blue candles. The room surrounded by these candles is where you will find Zaken. But please be cautious in choosing which candles to light. Lighting too many red candles will cause Zaken to become stronger. In addition, too many red candles will also cause more and more of his henchmen to appear. But likewise, the fewer red candles that are lit, and the faster that Zaken is defeated, the better your rewards will be.

Raid Time

  • Daytime Zaken raid time limit is 60 minutes, and the instance is reset every 3 days (Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30am).
  • Nighttime Zaken raid time limit is 360 minutes, and the instance is reset every 7 days (Wednesday at 6:30am).

Other Information

  • You may teleport to Zaken’s chamber entrance through NPC Somulita located at Giran Harbor.
  • Zaken’s chamber gate is no longer used to access the lower decks of the ship. Instead, players must now speak to the Pathfinder agent.
  • A Pathfinder NPC is stationed on the deck of Zaken’s ship, near the chamber gate entrance. This NPC offers information and requirements for the Zaken raid, and contains a teleport link that will send you into the instance.
  • If pulled too far away, Zaken’s henchmen will return to their original locations.
  • The rewards for defeating Zaken have been modified.

Rim Kamaloka

The instanced dungeon hunting ground Kamaloka has been added. The entry requirements for this new instanced dungeon are as follows:

  • Entry NPC – Guard Captain
  • Party Requirement – Party of 2-6
  • Type – Raid-type hunting ground
  • Instanced Zone Duration – 30 minutes
  • Entry Limitations – Once per day

The entry limitation time resets every day at 6:30 AM (server time). The Guard Captain NPC is located at the center of each village or town that is listed below.

Locations of Kamaloka + character levels needed for entry are as follows:

  • Gludio Castle Town: Bathis (levels 18-31)
  • Dion Castle Town: Lucas (levels 28-41)
  • Town of Heine: Gosta (levels 38-51)
  • Town of Oren: Mouen (levels 48-61)
  • Town of Schuttgart: Vishotsky (levels 58-71)
  • Rune Township: Mathias (levels 68-78)

Steel Citadel

The Steel Citadel is where the raid boss Beleth resides. It is an extremely challenging hunting ground that is composed of various battle areas.

In order to enter the Steel Citadel, you must maintain the trust of the Hellbound natives and continually contribute to their cause.

The Steel Citadel is a massive castle that is composed of many areas (Base Tower, Tower of Infinitum, Tully’s Workshop, and Tower of Naia).

If you disconnect while you are inside Base Tower, Tower of Infinitum, or Tully’s Workshop, you must reconnect within 10 minutes or you will be moved out to the oasis near the Steel Citadel.

Base Tower

The Base Tower is a two-story labyrinth. You must complete the Base Tower in order to enter the Tower of Infinitum. A high level of trust must be maintained with the Hellbound natives in order to achieve this.

Tower of Infinitum

The Tower of Infinitum is where the raid bosses Demon Prince and Ranku reside. You can enter the Tower of Infinitum after completing the Base Tower. You must complete the Tower of Infinitum in order to enter Tully’s Workshop.

Tully’s Workshop

Tully’s Workshop is where the raid monster Darion resides. It is composed of eight floors, and you must defeat Darion in order to enter the Tower of Naia.

Tower of Naia

The Tower of Naia is where the raid monster Epidos and the boss monster Beleth reside. The Tower of Naia is a breakthrough-type dungeon where you must complete each section within a certain time limit.

Path to Hellbound

  • Level – 78
  • Type – One-Time Quest
  • Description – Casian says that he can’t help, and suggest that you seek out Galate at the Ivory Tower instead.
  • Starting City/Village – Wasteland
  • NPC – Casian

*If a character enters Hellbound for the first time, everyone else on the server can enter by completing “Path to Hellbound” quest instead of “That’s Bloody Hot” quest.

Vitality System

A vitality system that provides bonus experience during hunting has been added.

Vitality Points can be acquired when your characters are offline, in a peace zone, or hunting Raid Bosses.

When you accumulate Vitality Points and raise your Vitality Level, the bonus experience points that you acquire increase in proportion to your Vitality Level.

When you obtain experience points by hunting regular monsters rather than bosses or raid monsters, Vitality Points are consumed.

You can check your character’s Vitality Level by vieeither your Status Window or your Character Status Page.

There are four levels of vitality:

  • Level 1 – 150% increase in experience gain.
  • Level 2 – 200% increase in experience gain.
  • Level 3 – 250% increase in experience gain.
  • Level 4 – 300% increase in experience gain.

Pailaka Quests

Pailaka – Song of Ice and Fire

  • Level 36-42
  • One-time quest
  • You must infiltrate “Pailaka – Forgotten Temple,” find the cracks in the Sprite energy that are developing inside the temple, and repair them.
  • Starting city: Gludin
  • Contact NPC: Inspector Adler

Pailaka – Devil’s Legacy

  • Level 61-67
  • One-time quest
  • You must infiltrate “Pailaka – Devil’s Isle” and defeat the dark power that has engulfed the island.
  • Starting city: Giran
  • Contact NPC: Devil’s Isle Survivor

Pailaka – Injured Dragon

  • Level 73-77
  • One-time quest
  • You must infiltrate “Pailaka – Varka Silenos,” find the Soul of Fire trapped in darkness inside the barracks and free it to return to the world of fire.
  • Starting city: Goddard
  • Contact NPC: Ketra Orc Shaman

Please Note: The quest “Pailaka – Injured Dragon” will in no way affect your current Varka or Ketra affiliation.

New Instant Zone

A new Pailaka has been added for castle and fortress owning clans. It is a new type of dungeon where players complete their mission by helping specific NPC’s within the instance.

Players can enter through the following NPCs:

  • Castle – Warden
  • Fortress – Detention Camp Warden

Kratei’s Cube

The competition-type PvP hunting ground “Kratei’s Cube” has been added.

You can teleport to the entrance of Kratei’s Cube through NPC Paddies on Fantasy Isle.

Characters level 70 and above can register individually through the Kratei’s Cube Entrance Manager.

There are 3 Kratei’s Cube arenas set up by level range. Each arena can hold a maximum of 25 characters at a time. The level ranges are as follows:

  • Level 70-75
  • Level 76-79
  • Level 80+

Characters who are chaotic, in possession of a cursed sword or currently in a party may not participate.

Kratei’s Cube Rules

1. A Kratei’s Cube match begins every 30 minutes from the top of the hour, and lasts for 20 minutes.
2. Once you have requested entry into Kratei’s Cube (through the Entrance Manager), you will be moved into a waiting room 3 minutes before the match begins.
3. You can receive Kill Points through PvP and PvE inside Kratei’s Cube. Even if a character is killed, there is no death penalty.
4. A character who is killed during a match is moved to the waiting room and can re-enter through the Kratei’s Cube Match Manager.
5. Registration ends 3 minutes before each match.
6. The Entrance Manager makes periodic announcements, alerting players on how long they’ll have to wait for the next match.


1. At the end of a Kratei’s Cube match, you will receive Experience, SP and Fantasy Isle coins.
2. The exact amount of your reward depends on the match results, the number of participants, individual ranking and cumulative result values.
3. You are ineligible to receive any reward if you score less than 10 Kill Points.
4. Fantasy Isle coins can be exchanged for various items through NPC Paddies of Fantasy Isle.

Leaving During a Match

You will be removed from the registration list and/or will be ineligible for any rewards for the following reasons:

1. If you request to participate in a match, enter the waiting room, and then cancel the match through the Kratei’s Cube Match Manager and leave.
2. If you use a Scroll of Escape for a village, castle, hideout or fortress during a match.
3. If you die during a match and do not return through the Entrance Manager (meaning that you do not complete the match).

Gracia Final Patch

  • The numbers of Fantasy Isle Coins which were given to all participants of Kratei’s Cube as a basic reward have been increased from 5 to 10.
  • The number of Fantasy Isle Coins given when 6 or more people participate in a match has been doubled.
  • The amount of Exp. and SP given per match has been increased drastically. However, please note that this amount is based on the amount of Kill Points accrued per match.

Olympiad 3v3

A 3 vs 3 match has been added to the Grand Olympiad.

  • In order to participate, you must be part of a 3 person party. All characters participating must meet the normal Olympiad requirements.
  • The party leader of the team must speak to the Grand Olympiad Manager to register for participation.
  • Points earned or lost are calculated based on the total Olympiad Points of all team members.
  • The 3 vs 3 matches are not class based.
  • For team matches, buffs are not provided to players at the beginning of a match. In addition, resurrection is not possible during the game.
  • Additional items have been added to the rewards list accessed through the Grand Olympiad Manager.
  • The method by which points are rewarded differs from a traditional 1 vs 1 match. The rest of the game adheres to the existing Olympiad rules.
  • The point system is setup as follows:
Grade Basis Points
1 Top 1 % 120
2 Top 10% 80
3 Top 25% 55
4 Top 50% 35
5 All participants below 50 % 20
  • Noblesse Gate Passes are no longer provided through the Grand Olympiad.
  • Olympiad Tokens are now given in place of the Noblesse Gate Pass.
  • Previously existing rewards can still be purchased using remaining Noblesse Gate Passes.
  • Players can receive a reward regardless of their win/loss record if they have participated in more than 9 Olympiad matches.
  • Level 83 Forgotten Scrolls have now been added to the list of rewards available through the Grand Olympiad Manager.
  • The following items have also been added to the rewards offered by the Grand Olympiad Manager:
    • Warrior’s Temporary Healing Potion
    • Warrior’s T-shirt
    • Olympiad Warrior’s Ring – 30 Days
    • Olympiad Warrior’s Earring – 30 Days
    • Olympiad Warrior’s Necklace – 30 Days
  • The following numbers of Olympiad Tokens are provided when a player wins an Olympiad match:
    • Non-class specific match: 30 Olympiad Tokens
    • Class specific match: 40 Olympiad Tokens
    • 3 vs 3 match: 50 Olympiad Tokens

Other Olympiad Changes

  • Olympiad Tokens can now be used for Noblesse Teleports. An Olympiad Token link has been added to the Gatekeeper options.
  • All skills with a reuse time of 15 minutes or less will be reset when the Olympiad participant is summoned to the arena.
  • It has been changed so that the Blessed Spiritshot and Blessed Beast Spiritshot cannot be used in an Olympiad arena.
  • The bonus points which is given to a Hero has changed to 180 points.

 Gracia & Seeds

  • The new hunting grounds ‘Seed of Destruction’ and ‘Seed of Infinity’ have been added in the Gracia continent.
  • As the seeds of Gracia have sealed this territory, making transportation via land or sea impossible, the Gludio Airship Field has been added west of Talking Island. Regularly scheduled airships will take you from Gludio Airship Field to the Keucereus Alliance Base in Gracia.
  • The seeds, which were constructed in various places in the continent, are structures of a different world. These structures have been summoned by descendants of the Shilen worshippers who were excommunicated to Gracia. In order to fight the exhiled, the human race has allied with the Gracia Lord and Keucereus to form the Keucereus Alliance.

Seed of Infinity

  1. The Seed of Infinity, which is ruled by Ekimus, the King of the Undead, has been added in Northern Gracia. Ekimus is one of Shilen’s subordinates who governs death; he is immortal.
  2. Consists of instant zones as it is a hunting ground for above level 75.
  3. Players can enter the Seed of Infinity through the NPC Jaedin.
  4. The seed consists of the Hall of Suffering, the Hall of Erosion, and the Heart of Infinity. Each area will either be occupied by Ekimus, which will require players attack the seed, or the areas will be occupied by players, which will require players to defend the seed from the undead.
  5. S82 and S84 items can be acquired through quests and hunting.
  6. Attribute items can be acquired during one of the occupied states, which allow players to use their collection skills.

Battle Process

  1. Players Attack the Hall of Suffering and the Hall of Erosion
  2. Players Attack the Heart of Infinity
  3. Attack Phase Complete
  4. Players Defend the Hall of Suffering
  5. Players Defend the Hall of Suffering and the Hall of Erosion
  6. Players Defend the Heart of Infinity

Entry Requirements for Each Area

Entry NPC Mouth of Ekimus
(Hall of Suffering)
Mouth of Ekimus
(Hall of Erosion)
Gatekeeper of Abyss
(Heart of Infinity)
Entry Limitations Single Party
(Maximum 9 people)
Command Channel with more than 36 people
(Maximum 45 people)
Command Channel with more than 36 people
(Maximum 45 people)
Entry Level Levels 75 – 82 Levels 80 – 85 Levels 75 – 85
Type Occupying/Defense type Hunting Ground Occupying/Defense type Hunting Ground Occupying/Defense type Hunting Ground
Instant Zone Duration 60 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes
Entry Limitations Once per day Once per day Once per day

Seed of Destruction

  1. The Seed of Destruction has been added in the western region of Gracia. Tiat rules the Seed of Destruction and leads his powerful Mounted Troop. Tiat may appear weak himself, but his control over the Mounted Troop gives him massive power in this Seed.
  2. This is a hunting ground for characters above level 75, and it becomes an instant zone depending on its occupied state.
  3. Speak with NPC Allenos to enter the Seed of Destruction.
  4. S82 and S84 items can be acquired through quests and hunting.
  5. Attribute items can be acquired during the occupied states, which allow players to use their collection skills.

Battle Process

  • Occupied by the Mounted Troop
    1. Players must destroy the gateways and force field devices that exist inside the seed, then attack Tiat, the leader of the Mounted Troop.
    2. Players must enter in a Command Channel, levels 75 and above, with 36-45 people.
    3. Detailed information can be obtained from Servant Allenos.
  • Occupied by the Keucereus Alliance
    1. As players have earned occupation of the seed, they can move freely around the seed.
    2. Players can participate in battles with “Survivors” of the Mounted Troop through the Survivor Manager Edric at the entrance.
    3. The movement of the Mounted Troop can be monitored through a spy sent from the Keucereus Alliance in order to prepare for any sudden attacks from the Mounted Troop.
  • Defended by the Keucereus Alliance
    1. There is no limit to the number of players who can participate in the defense of the seed during a surprise attack by the Mounted Troop.
    2. Players are unable to enter the seed once a surprise attack has begun.
    3. In order to maintain occupation, players must protect the Seed of Destruction Control Device from the Mounted Troop for a certain period of time.
    4. If players fail in their defense, the Seed of Destruction becomes occupied again by the Mounted Troop.
    5. Information regarding surprise attacks can be obtained from Allenos, who is in the Secret Airstrip.

    The current state of the Seed of Destruction and Seed of Infinity can be found on the World Map (Gracia), through NPC Dillios in the Keucereus Alliance Base, and through the Gracia Survivors in each village.

Entry Requirements for Each Area

Seed of Destruction Survivors Battle Area
Entry NPC Allenos Edric
Entry Limitations Forming an association channel with more than 36 people
(maximum 45 people)
Forming a Party (2 ~ 9 persons)
Entry Level Levels 75 ~ 85 Levels 75 ~ 85
Type Occupying/Defense type Hunting Ground Break-through type hunting ground
Instant Zone Duration 130 minutes 20 minutes
Entry Limitations Initialization at 6:30 am on Wednesday and Saturday Once per day

Fantasy Isle

Handy’s Block Checker

Handy’s Block Checker, a mini game which one can experience only on Fantasy Isle, has been added.

Basic Rules
  1. Teams may be up to 6v6 (For a total of 12 players per game.)
  2. Games last 5 minutes.
  3. There are 4 arenas total.
  4. Weapon used: Silly Hammer
  5. There are no level requirements to participate.
  6. Winning: The team who has flipped more blocks within 5 minutes wins.
  7. Playing: Target a block of the opposite teams color and use the Flip Block skill to change the block to your team’s color. This skill can be found in your Active skills list.
Game Registration and Process
  1. Players can register for Handy’s Block Checker Arena by speaking to one of the Entrance Managers at the Checker Arena on Fantasy Isle.
  2. Players can teleport to the front of Handy’s Block Checker Arena by speaking with NPC Paddies on Fantasy Isle.
  3. The game begins by dividing players into two teams: red and blue. Once there are 2 to 6 players signed up for each team, the game begins automatically.
  4. Once the game has started, no other participants are allowed to register for that game. However, there are four arenas. And if one arena is full, players can register with one of the other Entrance Managers.
  5. If you are disconnected from the game, you cannot return to the match.
  6. Players may not participate if they are registered for any other PvP game, such as the Olympiad, Underground Coliseum or Kratei’s Cube. If you attempt to register for a Handy Block Checker game while registered for another PvP game, your other registration will be automatically cancelled.
  7. Players who possess a Cursed Weapon may not participate.
How to Win
  1. Only the total number of flipped blocks per team is actively displayed during the match. To see how many blocks each player has turned, click on the mini-game icon located next to your mini-map. This icon is only active for the duration of the game.
  2. The winning team is determined at the end of each match by tallying the teams individual scores. The team with the highest overall score will be declared the winner.
  1. Mini games do not award EXP or SP.
  2. Players receive Fantasy Isle Coins for rewards.
  3. Individual ranks are calculated for the winning team, so the number of Fantasy Isle Coins are awarded based on individual rank.
  4. If a player is disconnected or leaves the arena during the game, no rewards will be received.

Players can exchange Fantasy Isle Coins for items through the Fantasy Isle Paddies.