What players say

DAMI (Immortals)

I trust this server GM Team. The credibility of the team and the Admins is very important to me.

Adekin (Guards)

I always have fun in TheGame Private server. In my opinion The Greek community is very funny.

Surmakos (Olympian Guards)

Cool staff and nice files ! Much pvp, flame and drama combined in one server! Thanks to GM Team and our beloved Admin.

ScR3am (Navigatos)

I prefer this server because it's always crowded! Certainly the Greek community is another element that keep my interest here.

Orana (Pro clan)

Its been a while . We are ready to answer the call of the most beloved private server in History of L2 in Greece

Gatoulis (Intruders)

Great work from Admins in a Greek based community.That means pvp,flame and romance,as expected for once more from TheGame private Server.


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